Customer Builds

Customer Builds

Pro-touring is our specialty. Pro-touring is taking an older car and building it to do everything well. Whether you are into drag racing, autocross, track days or just long drives on curvy roads, pro-touring is probably what you want. Blackdog has the knowledge and technology to make any car do everything well.

Resto-mod (restoration + modern parts/technology) draws from the advancements in automobile technology to enhance the performance and comfort of your classic car. Somewhat different than pro-touring, resto-mod leans towards comfort and drive ability.   

Come by and enjoy the Blackdog experience. 

Since its introduction to the marketplace, the 1955 second generation Tri-Five Bel Air was advertised as the "Hot One" in GM's mid-50's ad campaigns.  

For the 2016 SEMA project, we found a Tri-Five in decent condition and then put the Blackdog team to work.

The SEMA project focused around bringing out the beauty and delivering speed for the platform.

Working from the ground up, Blackdog utilized an independent rear end kit and then had the chassis powder coated to make it pop.

Blackdog replaced the power plant with a Chevrolet Performance LS-7, normally aspirated 7.0L (427 CID) partnered with a 6-speed Tremec transmission.


55 Bel Air - Black Velvet - 2016 SEMA Project
Audi R8 shows Blackdog's versatility

Some shops are known are for doing hot rods and some for 70's muscle car restoration, at Blackdog Speed Shop we are also known by our specialty - winning championships. For a team to win multiple championships in pro racing you have to overcome what ever is thrown at you during the season and that translates into versatility, improvisation and the will to succeed. Our team wants to be known for being able do anything and doing it right as this Audi R8 proves. Dr Barry called and asked if we would install an aftermarket exhaust in his Audi R8, he then came by for a shop tour to make sure we were the right shop for him. We scheduled the date and quickly turned his somewhat quite R8 into one of the nicest sounding V10's around and to get that sound you simply click a button on the fob that rests in your shirt pocket.

2010 Audi R8
Making sure we don't chip any paint.
Some of the parts that have to come off.
More parts that have to be removed.
Factory system is behind the heat shield.
After factory exhaust removal
The factory
New shiny stainless exhaust.
After installation
All new clamps supplied
More shiny
Almost back together
All buttoned up.
We are an installer and dealer.
2018 Durango Exhaust

Totally unexpected

Well this was different. Our customer dropped off his 2018 Durango 392 SRT for a full custom exhaust, he did not want a cookie cutter exhaust system from a big warehouse, he wanted a one of a kind system and that's what he got. We started with 3" stainless tubing at the cats and worked our way back to the bumper. The car received an x pipe for better scavenging, a new set of Thrush Rattler mufflers and (for fun) electronic cutouts. The customer was ecstatic with the final product and the sound of his Durango is awesome - a true one of a kind. 

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