Accessibility Hand Controls

Accessibility Hand Controls

Get Your Mobility Back

Hand Controls For Cars, Trucks, and Vans

(Safely Operate Your Vehicle Without Using Your Feet)

Whether due to surgery, an accident, or a medical condition, sometimes people cannot use the standard pedals to operate their vehicle.

Blackdog Speed Shop, located in Lincolnshire, IL announces its new line of hand controls to help restore people’s mobility and independence.

Hand controls allow you to use the gas and brake without the need to use your feet.  So if you have a cast, amputation, or other impediment; you now can safely operate your vehicle (even double amputees).

Partnering with the best in industry providers Blackdog inspects your vehicle, orders the correct

components, and then schedules an appointment with you to arrange for the installation of your new controls to put you back behind the wheel.

Designed for both right and left handed drivers, our experts work with you to provide the perfect fit and function.

Financing is available through the Illinois Assistive Technology Program (IATP) with their 

AT Loans program - -  Click Here To Go To The IATP Loans Website For Details & To Apply 




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