Facebook 5 Star Reviews
Facebook 5 Star Reviews

Michael Shade - Dec. 15 2016 - I have a 69 Camaro with a customized 396 big block. The Blackdog team succeeded where many failed to get it running at peak performance. Chuck Miller was great at diagnosing the problems and Cody did an excellent job doing the work. Cody went the "extra mile" by make some tweaks in my garage so I did not have to take it out in the bad weather. Could not ask for a better experience.

Loren Sprenkel - Sept. 27 2016 - What a great bunch of guys... thanks for getting yvette going.

Alex Locker - Apr. 20 2016 - Big thanks to Eric, Chuck, and Dick for the alignment on my Impala. It's night and day different than before and finally drive the way I thought it should. I hate to say but you cannot trust a regular alignment shop to get your car to handle properly especially if its modified. They fit me in the schedule and did a great job. Very cool shop too. Nice mix of old and new performance


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