Complete Car Build       Fabrication   Suspension
Are you looking for a premier car builder? Blackdog specializes in complete turn key custom builds. Your dream is one phone call away!       Perhaps you need custom fabrication work done? Blackdog's team has extensive knowledge in roll cages and safety equipment modifications.   Through our racing experience, Blackdog has become suspension masters. If you need a track day car or a highway cruiser, just call.


Full Dyno tuning   Engine upgrades   Maintenance

Blackdog has all the tools to do high performance tuning on todays computer controlled cars, including a full in house Dyno and  tuners that can get every bit of horsepower out of your car. 


Upgrades can be confusing. Blackdog has the experience and knowledge to put the right parts on the first time.


We provide maintenance on everything from race cars and track day cars to muscle cars and hot rods. We can give you the winning advantage.


Dyno Services

Blackdog Speed Shop is known for outstanding tuning capabilities on modern hardware - Chevy LS or LT, Ford Coyote, Dodge Hemi's and even all wheel drive Subaru's to Porsche. We can tune anything from one wheel drive to all wheel drive and anything in between. Even if you would just like to know how much horse power or torque your particular vehicle has - we can do that. 

With precision balanced drums, our dyno can measure up to 2000 HP, 2000 FT LBS, 200 MPH, and is capable of 1600HP peak absorption (in AWD) it is the most powerful load control dynamometer in the area. 

Unlike inferior non adjustable wheelbase designs, our dyno can adjust wheelbase with a push of a button from 88” to 140”. This allows the tires to contact the rollers evenly and in conjunction with the large drum diameter it provides a virtually flat, stable surface for tire contact eliminating unnecessary tire slippage and deformation. The result is precise, repeatable data every time.

Call us anytime at (847) 634-7534 for your tuning or dyno needs.

Car Set Up Table

Blackdog also offers something few shops offer - a chassis set up table. Our premier MK table can produce accurate weights at each corner of your car and we can make the proper adjustments. We can also do track day or autocross alignments. More caster, more camber, brake adjustments or shock adjustment our team has won on dozens of road courses over the years and we can do the same for you. feel free to call us if you want your car to turn better, stop better and possibly make quicker laps  -  (847) 634-7534.