Gas Tank Sending Unit Fixer

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Gas Tank Sending Unit Fixer

Convert any ohm range fuel level sender to work with any ohm range fuel gauge!

Fuel level gauges are designed to work with a specific ohm range.  Different automobile and gauge manufacturers use different ohm ranges to correctly operate their gauges.  This can cause problems for a person who is updating their vehicle with new gauges or a new gas tank and fuel sender.

This module will allow you to use your stock sender with any fuel gauge and vice versa.  No longer do you need to drop your tank to change or customize your sender or re-calibrate your fuel gauge.  With this simple device you can insure your gauges are accurately reading your fuel sender and more!

The Fuel Link interface is the problem-solver between fuel senders and gauges to correct ohm mismatch and erratic movement due to fuel slosh.

Compatible preset fuel sender ohm ranges (empty to full)
    1. 240-33, standard aftermarket
    2. 0-90, GM Type ’66 and later
    3. 0-30, GM Type ’64 and earlier
    4. 16-158, Ford Type ’87 and later
    5. 75-10, Ford type ’86 and earlier
    6. 90-0, Toyota and Nissan ’85 and later
    7. 40-250, Late model GM
    8. 10-180 VDO

 Key Features

User can calibrate a custom ohm range (between 0-350 ohms)
The gauge is calibrated at every 1/4 tank reading, ensuring accurate readings even with odd shaped gas tanks
The interface is compatible with nearly any short sweep fuel gauge and fuel sender combination
Easy screw terminal wire connections
Compact size, 3" x 2" x 1.5", with mounting holes for under-dash installation
On-board pushbutton with LED readout for calibration
Low Fuel Light trigger at 1/8 tank (works with a LED or incandescent bulb)
Made in the USA

Fuel Link Gauge Interface Module