Triangulated 4-Link For Air Bags Universal Weld In

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Triangulated 4-Link For Air Bags Universal Weld In

The triangulated version 4Link is a tubular version of the tried and true rear suspension that GM has used since 1964. Welding and basic fabrication skills are needed. As a result, the triangulated 4Link is highly adaptable to a variety of custom installations. The triangulated 4 link can use a CoolRide style airspring/bracket/shock arrangement, with a Coil-Over, or a rear Shockwave® as an upgrade option. For the professional shop or advanced installer, the triangulated 4Link is the top choice.

• No panhard bar needed 
• Allows maximum suspension travel and tighter wheel to fender clearances
• Highly adaptable to most vehicles 
• Simple, straightforward installation

The triangulated 4Link is designed for the professional builder who wants a straightforward, no-compromise rear air ride suspension.

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Weld-in 4Link - Triangulated