1955 - 1957 Chevy Complete Suspension System

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1955 - 1957 Chevy Complete Suspension System

This StreetGRIP suspension kit updates your 1955-1957 Chevy with modern handling, exceptional ride quality and lowered ride height. StreetGRIP suspension is the perfect solution for restored cars and restomods. StreetGRIP is a complete, easy-to-install solution that includes everything that you need such as lowering springs, adjustable shock absorbers, high performance self lubricating bushings, a heavy duty swaybar, tall ball joints, shackles, hardware and instructions. The tri-five kit is unique in that it also includes brackets that relocate the rear shocks for improved performance.  Your tri-five will ride and handle like a modern car.

Vehicle-specific RideTech HQ series shocks offer rebound adjustment and provide the ultimate in ride quality and handling.
Rear shock relocation brackets.
Composite leaf springs offer linear spring rate and save 70lbs of unsprung weight!
Vehicle-specific dual-rate front coilsprings offer the best of both worlds ... ride quality AND performance handling.
Delrin control arm and leaf spring bushings eliminate unwanted movement and stiction.
Tall ball joints dramatically improve OEM camber curve to give your car a much more stable feel through the corners.
Lower ball joints
Larger front sway bar minimizes unwanted body roll through the corners.
Delrin swaybar bushings eliminate unwanted movement and stiction in the sway bar to improve ride quality and handling performance..

StreetGRIP System Includes Dual Rate front Coilsprings, Composite Leaf Springs, HQ Series Adjustable Monotube Shock Absorbers, Heavy Duty front Swaybar, Delrin Control Arm Bushings, Tall upper ball joints, lower ball joints, Delrin leaf spring bushings, rear shackles, rear shock relocation brackets, hardware and instructions.

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1955-1957 Chevy StreetGRIP Suspension System