Shorty Header Set BB Ford

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Shorty Header Set BB Ford

The FF460 header set fits Ford big block engines in 1935-40 cars and trucks. The FF460 is a tight-fitting blockhugger header with excellent ground clearance. Fits all models of 429/460 engines, but you must use Ford 460 engine mounts or compatible. Ford part numbers C9AA6BO32-E, C9LA6038-A, C9SA6038-B, or C9SA60B032 are acceptable.

Comes ceramic coated in polished silver and with all hardware necessary for installation.


Engine : Big Block Ford (429-460)
Primary Tube Diameter : 1-7/8"
Collector Diameter : 3"
Weight : 18 LBS 

SKU: FF460
Big Block 429-460 Ford Header Set