Shorty Small Block Chevy Header Set

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Shorty Small Block Chevy Header Set

These short headers offers a 1-5/8" primary tube diameter and is designed to fit 1927 and up automobiles with small block Chevrolet engines.

Comes ceramic coated with high shine silver.

One of our most popular small block Chevy headers. Featuring a 1-5/8" primary tube diameter and a 3" collector is perfect for all but the most radical performance engines.

This header will fit any rack and pinion set-up. Also fits Vega steering and any Mustang-style mounted steering that is mounted with 2" clearance from the steering gear to the center ports on the driver's side. The header will clear any motor mounts, tie rods, or steering rods. Comes with all hardware necessary for installation.


Engine : Small Block Chevy 265-400
Primary Tube Diameter : 1-5/8"
Collector Diameter : 3.0"
Weight : 15 LBS / 6.8 KGS


16-Gauge Primary and Collector Tube Thickness
3/8" Thick Flange
Patented Flange Design Requires NO Gaskets
Tightest Fitting Header Available Anywhere!
Made in the USA


Header Bolt Set
Collector Reducer Set

SKU: CC1_158-SEC
Shorty Header Set